Convicted Child Predator Chief of Amonsoquath Band of Cherokee

Why is a Convicted Child Sexual Predator allowed to be a "Child Welfare Representative" for his so called "Tribe?"   Why is a Convicted Child Sexual Predator allowed to claim that "Tribal Children" are not subject to State or Federal jurisdiction? Why is a Convicted Child Sexual Predator allowed to create a "Summer camp" for kids?

These are serious questions which need to be put before the Missouri State Legislature without further delay.  How many children have to be victimized before lawmakers act?

It should be noted that the Amonsoquath Band of Cherokee aka the Amonsoquath Tribe of Cherokee IS NOT a Federally recognized Indian Tribe.  This entire group, and many others like them, have been publicly denounced by the REAL Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma and the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians in their "Fabricated Tribes Resolution"   The Amonsoquath Band is listed in the real Cherokee Nation's "Fraudulent Group List"

The fact that the Amonsoquath Band are a bunch of Faux Indians pales in comparison to the fact that a Child Sexual Predator is their "Chief"

Chief Martin Walking Bear Wilson  

Martin Gilmore Wilson
Martin "Walking Bear" Wilson
Chief Walking Bear
Walking Bear
Chief of Amonsoquath Tribe of Cherokee
Representative United Tribes of the Chickamauga Nations
Martin Wilson
Martin G. Wilson 
Wilson has also publicly claimed to be a "Minister in the Congregational Bible Church and the Native American Church - Graduate of the 110 year old Blackstone College of Law."

Martin walking Bear Wilson

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Attempted Sodomy

Date of Birth:
Race: White
Sex: Male
Hair: Gray

NOTE: Wilson's conviction for a sexual offense against a minor occured in 1990.  Missouri Sex Offenders convicted prior to 01/01/1995 are listed on the MO State Patrol's "exempt from registering" spreadsheet located here:
"Offenders who were convicted, found guilty, pled guilty prior to January 1, 1995 and were not required to register in another state, federal or military jurisdiction, are no longer required to register with the Chief Law Enforcement Official of the county where they reside. Offenders names who are no longer obligated to register will appear in an excel spreadsheet at the bottom of the disclaimer page on the Highway Patrol website. All other aspects of 589.400-589.425 RSMo remain in effect."

Due to a recent Missouri Court ruling the Speadsheet we aquired this information from is no longer available on the Missouri State Police website.  The MO State Patrol's "exempt from registering" spreadsheet is included here as it appeared at the time to verify the truth of our original article, which has been contested on certain lists.
"An EXEMPT offender is one who had previously been required to register, but no longer has a "duty" as a result of the 2006/2007 Missouri Supreme court rulings dealing with retroactive application of the law. (See fact sheet page). If you have seen an offender in the past who is no longer listed, it may be due to their conviction, plea, or adjudication date being prior to the date the offense was added to the Missouri sex offender statutes. Due to a Ruling of the Missouri Court of Appeals Western District (WD68066), the exempt list will no longer be posted on our web site"

Martin Wilson

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Martin Wilson2

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Martin Wilson
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Amonsoquath Band Youth

Amonsoquath Band Youth 2

Summer camp

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Martin Wilson


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Martin Wilson
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