Fall Gathering of the Tribes FAQ

Here are answers to some of the most commonly asked questions regarding the Gathering.  Even though some of these questions are answered elsewhere on the Gathering site, we are putting them here too so we can take some of the load off our mail bot :-)

Do you offer day passes?

No, we do not.  The Gathering fee of $50.00/$60.00 covers the entire Gathering.  You will get a badge and you may come and go as you please once you have registered.  We do not offer day passes for several reasons.  First and foremost, our Gathering is already cheap as dirt.  Most festivals that offer day passes are charging as much for a single day as we are for the entire weekend.  Day passes represent a LOT of extra paperwork, and there are some people who would pay for a single day and stay the whole weekend. If we had to expend extra effort to provide this service to folks who are only paying a few dollars, we would have to go up on everyone's fee.

Are RV hook-ups included in the Gathering Fee?

No, the Gathering fee includes tent camping in the primitive area.  Water, sewer and electric RV hook-ups cost extra and can be reserved with a $50.00 deposit

Can we come early?

If you want to come and help set up, and you have pre-registered ... YES!  We always need help!  ONLY volunteers, workers and staff are allowed in the Gathering area before the gates open!  If you wish to arrive early just to chill you must rent a regular camping space in the commercial portion of the campground, which remains open to the public throughout the Gathering.
In short ...if you don't want to work, you have to pay to go stay with the mundanes.

Do you offer workshare?

Yes we do.  If you can not afford to attend the Gathering, let us know and we will arrange workshare for you.  We don't want anyone to miss the Gathering due to lack of fundage, and we have LOTS of stuff we can use help with, but you MUST register for workshare BEFORE the Monday, October 6, 2008  Registration Deadline!.

Are pets allowed at the Gathering?

Yes they are, but you MUST keep your pet leashed at all times. Aggressive animals are not allowed at the Gathering.  Your pet should be thoroughly socialized if you bring them to the Gathering.  You will be asked to remove any aggressive or dangerous animal from the Gathering.  Please keep a very close eye on small pets, especially at sundown.  We have owls and eagles that consider a small puppy or kitten a tasty dinner.  We call walking a tiny dog on one of those 20' retractable leashes at sundown "fishing for owls"   :-/  

Do you offer child care at the Gathering?

No!  We do not offer child care of any kind.  Parents are completely responsible for their own children.  We do offer top quality children's programing, but young children must be accompanied by a parent or guardian to attend these workshops.  You MAY NOT "drop off" a child at these workshops.  Anyone who dumps a child at one of the children's workshops (or anywhere else for that matter) will be ejected from the Gathering.
**NOTE**  There are often enterprising teenagers at the Gathering who are willing and experienced baby sitters.  They may advertise their services on one of the public info boards located at registration.  Parents are responsible for negotiating baby sitting arrangements with these young entrepreneurs.

Can we swim in the lake?

No.  There are dangerous animals living in the lake...snakes...snapping turtles...sea monsters... etc.  We have come to an agreement with these animals.  If we don't swim in their lake...they won't swim in our pool.

Can you arrange airport pick-ups?

Yes we can...for a fee.  The nearest airports (Williamsburg International and Norfolk International) are about 45 miles from the Gathering site.  An airport pick-up costs $30.00 and must be arranged at least two weeks prior to the Gathering.  $25.00 of this fee goes to the driver for their time and gas, $5.00 goes to us for taking time to arrange the pick-up.

Do you give refunds if someone registers in advance and then can not attend for some reason?

We do not generally give refunds.  We will occasionally, on a case by case bases, apply a paid membership to the next Gathering if someone can not attend as planned due to a serious emergency.   Since this policy has been abused in the past, we have gotten much stricter about it.  Finding out your favorite band is coming to town the same weekend as the Gathering IS NOT an emergency!
In the case of Active Duty Military personal, we will give cash refunds if you get orders!!!

Is it ok to feed the local wildlife?

NO!!!  Please do not feed the animals!!  Especially the raccoons!!  We know they are very cute, but if you feed them they will get dependent on people for food. Raccoons who get in trash cans in the country are frequently shot! Please don't teach the raccoons ...or any other wild animals, that people are safe sources of food...because not all of us are.  We have neighbors who will kill bold wildlife given the chance...often for dinner.

Can we park at our campsites?

Unless you are sleeping in your vehicle and you do not intend to move it until the Gathering is over ...no.  You may dive into the event area ONCE to drop off your stuff, then your vehicle must be moved to the parking lot by registration.  If you claim that you are sleeping in your vehicle and that is not going to move ...and then you decide you have to go to the store...security will get very testy and you will have to park in the lot once you return.

Is ice available at the Gathering?

Yes.  We have ice for sale in the office and there are teenagers making ice runs to the event area a couple of times a day if you don't feel like walking a few hundred yards.

Is the Gathering handicapped accessible?

This depends on how handicapped you are.  We are a camping event...in the woods.  The ground goes up and down and there are numerous logs, rocks, roots, etc. to fall over.  If it rains hard your average wheelchair will bog to its axle but the spiffy off road racing models with the knobby tires do just fine.

We do allow people with handicapped tags or flag (flag or tag must be displayed)  to keep their cars at their campsites and use their vehicles to get around the Gathering, but if it storms, cars get bogged down too.

The old bathhouse is not wheelchair accessible.  We have plans to build a new bath facilities in the main building which will be wheelchair accessible, but I don't think we will be able to do that before 2007 at the earliest.