"Joy" is the Administrator of a Group Officially Called
"Adult Adoptees Advocating For Change"  
However, I think 
"Abusive Adoptees Advocating For Adopters"  
Fits Their Deceptive Ego Org MUCH  Better!

I wrote this little ditty shortly after I joined their "Adoptees Only" list, only to find out there are Adopters on it too.

For those of you who don't know, MANY Adoptees do not wish to share air with Adopters for a variety of reasons ...mainly because they take children way from their real mothers, then expect the kid to be grateful.

Whatever, the point is the forum claims to be "Adoptee Only" and I had made my desire to be on a board without Adopters VERY clear to Joy when I asked join the list.

When I objected to the blatant LIE in their Masthead,  Joy responded with a smart ass remark, and then a bunch of her boot licking followers promptly jumped in like a pack of Jackals and proceeded to insult Paganism, call me a piece of shit, etc. etc.   If you are an Adoptee, or a Pagan, or an Adoptee AND a Pagan, you know the drill.  

 I did manage to tell them what I thought of them before one of Joy's pet morons was finally able to figure out how to ban me  LOL

"Adult Adoptees Advocating For Change"  aka "Abusive Adoptees Advocating For Adopters" ("AAAA"  Their 24 Step Program to be Posted Soon ;-) 
bill themselves as a "Support Group for Adoptees"

What they don't tell you is that they mean the word "Support" in a Marquis de Sade kinda way :-/

If you are an Adoptee who has had his/her fill  of being a punching bag for A-Parents, avoid "Adult Adoptees Advocating For Change" like you would a Catholic Charity.

If you are masochistic and really into pain, consider this page a ringing endorsement of their ability to continue the cycle of abuse Adoptees are born to.

If you are an A-Parent, consider this site fair warning.  I care even less about what you think then I care about what you feel!

Adopters use stolen children as a cure for  infertility, with little regard for the damage done to the child. Adopters create the demand that turns children into commodities and you should slink away quietly NOW unless you want a severe Filking too!   
Joy's Our Admin
                                                 ........is sung to the tune of "Joy to the World"  in honor of her fine Xtian Values ;-)

Joy's Our Admin, on the board she's god
Let the forum kiss her Ass!
Let every member chant, or they're labeled shit clods
Adopters first, adoptees last
Adopters first, adoptees last
Adopter's rights come first ... and Adoptee's last
Joy's our Admin, and our saviour says
Ban members who object
The sick suck-up Stewie and Brown Nosed Addy Pray
Kiss the Ass of Admin Joy
Kiss the Ass of Admin Joy
Kiss the Ass, Kiss the Assssss,  of Admin Joy

Joy doesn't let adoptees know
Adopters prowl her ground
They want so they'll take more, while making quite a show
With kids stolen from their Moms
With kids stolen from their Moms
With kids stolen from their Moms, they were not "Found!"

Joy rules the board with lies and hate
And shames dissenters well
Abuse she heaps upon adoptees, if to her they will not bow down
Will she make her A-Mother proud?
Will she make her A-Mother proud?
Will she make... will she finally make, her A-Mom proud?

Anyone else get the utter hypocrisy of this message from an Adoption  supporter in a group that publicly claimes to be an "Adoptees Only Support Group"???  ROFL


When someone who promotes the Adoption Trade thinks I am a "vile, poisonous person" .... YEAH!!!   I'm doing something right!!!
The barren, baby snatching b*t#hs who rob children of their identities and turn them into commodities hate me  WOOHOO!!
I also have copies of ALL the insults these skanks spewed when their blatant deception was challenged, but since they made their "vile poisonous" posts on a private list, I don't feel right reposting them here.  Unfortunately, unlike them, I have scruples.  I have NO idea where these scruples came from, and they REALLY annoy me at times like this ...but what can you do? 
If you  are an Adoptee and you would like to know all the gory details contact me at:

Official "Duh" Disclaimer:
All opinions expressed here are those of the author, Betsy Ashby,  based on her own personal  experience with "Adult Adoptees Advocating For Change"
   As always, your mileage may vary ...  but I seriously doubt it.
Copyright 2007 - Out Of The Dark, Inc.

PS:  Scrape this off your shoe TroglaAddy!

UPDATE: August 29, 2007

More then a month after their deception was publicly exposed on this website  "Adult Adoptees Advocating for Adopters" has finally decided to admit that Adopters are present on their so called "Adoptee Only Support Board."  Isn't that nice?   All it took for them to finally BE HONEST with Adoptees was a gripe site, a filk, an a Adoptee who doesn't take shit from child stealing scum :-0

Now wonder what it will take to make them stop SPAMMING ME???
After blocking my account so I can no longer respond to their insults (OR delete my account and the personal posts I made BEFORE I knew Adopters were on the list)
they continue to harass me at my personal email address. Cowards like these mutts are only comfortable talking about people behind their backs (...see  ban notice in above screen shot.)  They are currently spamming me with messages regarding their "decision" to enable Adopters who CHOOSE to perpetuate the cycle of abuse Adoptees are subjected to.  

Since my emails, and VERY vocal demands to be removed from their list have been ignored, I am faxing a TOS violation to their upstream providers.  We'll see what they have to say about how their services are being misused.
The Adopter fans at "Adult Adoptees Advocating for Change" seem to think it is funny to spam me with emails (that they block me from responding to, or unsub'ing from) which support the so called "rights" of the sub human vermin who take children from their parents and deny them the most BASIC of  human rights ...knowing who you are, and where you came from.
May each and every one of them suffer the lifetime of pain they have condemned an innocent child to!! 

All the unsolicited SPAM I receive from these lowlifes will be posted here in its entirety, along with any public registrant info available regarding the spammer.  While I have an obligation to keep the swill these pigs spewed on a private list confidential, unsolicited email DOES NOT have any expectation of privacy !


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As many of you know we have been discussing for months how to provide support for adoptees who might also hold the position of first mom or adoptive mom. We have discussed this openly with forum members as well as privately among the admin. We realize we cannot possibly please everyone but in order to remain true to the intent of this forum we feel it is imperative to provide support to ALL adoptees. Therefore we are opening up the Adoptee Support Board to anyone who is an adoptee.

We hope you will understand that much thought and discussion went into this decision and nobody's concerns were taken lightly.

To unsubscribe from these announcements, login to the forum and uncheck "Receive forum announcements and important notifications by email." in your profile.

You can view the full announcement by following this link:


The Adult Adoptees Advocating for Change Team.

Administrative Contact: printableshowergames.com
Roberts Marsha (sjmarsha@earthlink.net)
Deer Park
Deer Park, TX 77536 US