Welcome to our Pagan Filks section!

For those of you who don't know, a "Filk" is a (hopefully)  humorous little ditty with original lyrics, done to an existing, well known song.  Usually the Filk is poking fun at someone, or something, or both.  Filks are opinions, being sung (often poorly) to a tune that most folks know.  This feature of Filking lets everyone around the Fire Circle sing along.  Please join us for a bit of musical mayhem :-)

Christian Say's Pagans Can't Poop In His Pots!
"God Says"
The Saga of Sparklebunny!
"Darla Tellin' Tales"

Joy's Our Admin!

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Always remember the Filker's credo:
Don't get angry, you'll get wrinkles!
Filk the Fools instead ...it's FUN ...and laugh lines are more attractive ;-)