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Mr. Chris Moser
Network 54, Inc.
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March 12, 2007

RE: Copyright Infringement on your Server

Dear Mr. Moser,

Enclosed you will find a hard copy of the Copyright Infringement form faxed to your office February 26, 2007, which I followed up with a phone call. I have not received any response to my repeated complaints whatsoever.

I have also included an updated invoice for the moneys owed me by Network 54 for the continued use of my copyright material, to the benefit of your client and against my clearly expressed objections.

If I have not received an acceptable response from your office by March 27, 2007, I will be forced to file an action in the Small Claims Court in Franklin, NC (where the theft occurred) seeking judicial relief for the theft and continued unauthorized use of my original material.


Bettie Ashby