Evidence of FRAUD being perpetrated by the
(United People of the Cherokee Nation)
The Faux Indian Ego Org called the "UPCN" (United People of the Cherokee Nation) has a website where they are promoting what they call the 'Rescue Buddy" program.  They claim they "are currently sending stuffed animals to the Cherokee EMS Department in Cherokee, NC." and that the Cherokee EMS is "very excited about receiving the animals"  They ask people to send stuffies OR a "monetary donation" to the UPCN's so called "tribal office" .. which appears to be their "chief's" home in Ohio :-/

The UPCN is soliciting both CASH and material donations, alleging they are doing so provide stuffed animals to the Emergency Medical Services Department of the Eastern Band of the Cherokee Indians.  Now isn't that sweet?  It would be, except for one small problem...
The REAL Cherokee Tribal EMS HAS NEVER HEARD OF THE UPCN!   Tribal Authorities have not endorsed this so called "Rescue Buddy Program" and they have NO DEALINGS with the "UPCN" whatsoever!

The UPCN (United People of the Cherokee Nation) is blatantly LYING on their website.  They are collecting money and goods in the name of a Federally recognized Tribe that DID NOT KNOW WHAT THE UPCN WAS AND WHAT THEY WERE CLAIMING until a copy of the UPCN website was sent to them.

This is an all too common phenomenon among fake Cherokee Ego Orgs like the UPCN.  They make outlandish claims about real Indians in need, which tug at the heartstrings of caring people.  They do so to make themselves look legitimate to prospective PAYING members and to collect MONEY.

Direct quotes from the UPCN website: These are the publicly self proclaimed "Clan Chiefs"  (yet another insult to the real Cherokee Nation) responsible for the ego org called the "UPCN:United  People of the Cherokee Nation"
"We are currently sending animals to the EMS department in Cherokee, NC.  They do not have anything like this and they are very excited about receiving the animals for the kids.  Imagine how comforting a little stuffed animal will be to a scared and injured child riding in an ambulance, possibly for the very first time.  "

"If you would prefer to send in a monetary donation for the tribal office to purchase a teddy, please send it to the address below marked "Rescue Buddy".  Even the smallest donation is helpful as they will be combined with other donations to purchase teddies."
Principal Chief Angie Speaks with Spirits Rose
Assistant Principal Chief Audie Silver Fox Hardy
Chief Joe Bear Warrior Gonzales
Chief David Crazy Coyote Deffenbaugh
Chief Richard White Horse
Chief Earline Atsila Tawadi Welsh
Chief Melinda "Strong Heart Woman" Curry
Chief Bill Wild Buffalo Tapman
Chief Rebecca Wild Cat Schwab
Chief Joel Wise Owl Nichols
Chief Edmond Gray Horse Nichols
Chief Bobby Lorett
Chief Susan Wren 'Usti Alitama' Lake
Chief Storm Rider
Chief William Spirit Bear Kelehear
Chief Joel Wise Owl Nichols
Asst. Clan Chief Maxine Fulghum
Chief Diane "Singing Fire Wolf Woman"
Chief Song Bird
Mischa /Yona Usdi

You may contact the Office of the Attorney General for the Eastern Band of the Cherokee Indians to confirm that the EBCI (Eastern Band of the Cherokee Indians) IS NOT working with the UPCN or their "Rescue Buddy" program.

828- 497-7434
Office of the Attorney General
Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians
P.O. Box 455 / 561 Sequoyah Trail
Cherokee, NC  28719

Please DO NOT call this number for any other reason.  The Cherokee Attorney General's Office handles legal issues for the Tribe ...hence the "Attorney General" part of the name :-0
  If you have a project you wish to have approved, or some other issue, please contact the Tribe's Public Relations Office @ 800-438-1601



There are THREE .... and ONLY THREE Federally recognized Tribes in the Cherokee Nation, the  Cherokee Nation of OklahomaUnited Keetoowah Band of Oklahoma  and the Eastern Band Cherokee Indians of North Carolina
Anyone using/exploiting the term "Cherokee Nation" who is not an enrolled member of one of these THREE Tribes is STEALING the intellectual property of the REAL CHEROKEE NATION!!!!!!  

These ego orgs exploiting the Cherokee name are not promoters of "peace and unity" as they claim ...they are common THIEVES who are STEALING from the REAL Cherokee Nations.  
CHECK OUT ANYONE WHO CLAIMS TO BE COLLECTING ANYTHING FOR THE CHEROKEE TRIBES ...or for any other legitimate Indian Tribe or Nation.  The three federally recognized Cherokee Tribes all have well established procedures for approving any charitable program undertaken in their name.  Using THEIR NAME without their permission is EXTREMELY DISRESPECTFUL ...and in some cases, even CRIMINAL!

These screen shots of the UPCN's "Rescue Buddy" page, as it appeared December 13, 2006, are provided as evidence of the claims made on this website.

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