's Definition of Unacceptable Sexual Conduct in the Pagan Community

The Pagan Community is, for the most part, EXTREMELY liberal when it comes to sexual behavior among adults.  The rules are pretty simple, whatever two or more consenting adults wish to do, in the privacy of their own space, is no one else's business.  Man/Woman  Man/Man  Woman/Woman Woman/Man/Woman/Man/Man/Woman/Woman/Woman ... etc. etc. .. in any combination....

The two key words here are "CONSENTING" and  "ADULTS"  
NO USE OF INTIMIDATION AND/OR FORCE (unless the person is consenting to the force words and all that ;-/)

Leave our kids alone, and No means No!   Not real complicated.

This is the definition the folks at have gleaned from the Pagan Community at large,  after 25+ years experience in it. Your milage may vary.