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Introduction to the Runes by Freya Aswynn

Introduction to the Runes is a audio visual presentation exploring the Runes.
Freya discusses the meaning ofeach Rune, accompanied by a sound clip example of Galdr.
Learn the proper pronunciation of the Runes from a native speaker with the help of Freya's video.  

Freya's long awaited correspondence course in the Runes is now available too!
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Dedicated to Odin and the promotion of the Northern Mysteries.

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Witch Visions
Out of the Dark, Inc.
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Windsor, VA  23487
Produced by: Out of the Dark, Inc.
Written by: Freya Aswynn
Executive Producer: Betsy Ashby
Camera / Director: Katherine Fisher
Technical Assistance: Maggie Chubb
Site Coordinator: Omega Blackburn 

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